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7 Habits that make your day as Product Professional more productive

Stay in control of your daily routine

Product Managers often struggle with being productive throughout the day. Caused by distractions, long To Do lists and constantly demanding tasks, we get lost in all the things we actually didn’t want to do today. Therefore, it´s even more important for Product Professionals to introduce daily habits that help us to keep the focus, wake up our brain and release the energy for the day that we need. Here are 7 of the most effective habits to increase your productivity from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night. 

1. Get up precisely with the alarm

Set your alarm at a precise time and get up right away. Avoid changing alarm times back and forth or pressing the snooze button three times. Establishing routines helps your brain to save its capacity for more important tasks.

2. Vitalize your body

Use the first hour in the morning to energize your body. Drink a glass of water, take a cold shower or do a quick workout. It´ll wake up your cells and stimulate your circulatory system.

3. Start with Success

Begin the day with an accomplishment that gives you a good feeling and fosters your motivation. A very easy thing to do is making your bed and leaving your flat tidied up.

4. Limit decisions

Reduce your options. Save brain capacity by limiting the choices what you are wearing or eating this day. Prepare your breakfast or lunch for the next day in the evening if possible and put out the clothes the night before.

5. Power Hour

Choose one hour a day that gets your full energy. Whether it´s in the morning or in the evening, dedicate this one hour to something that needs your brain or physical power: hit the gym, do some reading, join the language class or write another blog post. One thing you shouldn’t do during your Power Hour is reading emails or answering the phone.  

6. Use your commuting time

Whether you drive by car, public transport or take the bike to work, you can always use the time to be productive: read the newspaper, listen to a podcast, check your mails, organize your errands or just call your wife/ husband.

7. Mindful nights

Spend the last hour of the day without distraction. Take your time for a long shower, do a yoga session, listen to your favorite song or read another chapter of your favorite book. Go to bed on time: as precisely as you got up in the morning. Sleep is your superpower. So, ensure to get 8 hours of sleep. A short meditation session helps to calm down and relax. Apps like 7Mind or Headspace provide great 5-10 minute meditation sessions. Lay on your back, it helps to relax your body and let the lungs breathe easily. Take a few deep breaths before getting the sleep that you deserve.

Which habits do you have to be more productive? Share your thoughts with your peers.

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Sharing is caring

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