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Product Professionals the Academy to Train & Certify Product Management Professionals
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Certified Product Professional

We are keen on putting quality before quantity. It is our highest priority to provide you with a highly individualized learning experience, which also includes 1:1 sessions with our coaches and experts. To ensure every participant is supported in the best possible way, we have a small class principle and offer our certification course 4 times a year only.

Q3 2021 Cohort

1st July 2021

net € 1.489

Q4 2021 Cohort

1st October 2021

net € 1.489

Q1 2022 Cohort

1st January 2022

net € 1.489

Our upcoming cohorts are already full. Don´t worry and put yourself on the waiting list. We will inform you as soon as a place becomes available.

Q2 2022 Cohort

1st April 2022

net € 1.489

Q3 2022 Cohort

1st July 2022

net € 1.489