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The next level of smart home gyms

Is this the gym of the future?

Many gyms and fitness clubs across the world are closed to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. For most of them, it is hard to say when they will re-open again. That means millions of gym enthusiasts are sitting at home and looking for alternatives. This is where Tempo comes in handy, it is a smart home gym solution from San Francisco, that uses Microsoft’s Azure Kinect to track your movement and reps in real-time. The starter pack (for $1.995) comes with everything you need: dumbells, barbell, change plates, and a yoga mat.

“Tempo is an all-in-one home fitness studio featuring elite trainers who can see when you make a mistake and help you fix it, live. With its built-in 3D sensors, Tempo tracks your form, counts your reps, and recommends weights.”

The product launch was beginning of March 2020, shipments are supposed to go out this summer, first in the Bay Area and a few months later globally. It remains to be seen how the mass market responds to the product but in times like this, the market entry should not be a problem for Tempo.

Image & Video: Tempo


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