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Thinking outside ‘The Box’

Revolutionizes ‘LivingPackets’ parcel shipping?

According to McKinsey. every German receives about 24 packages each year on average. While the biggest onlineshops like Zalando, Otto and Amazon primarily use disposable cardboard packagings, other companies already try to reduce their packaging waste by using recyclable materials. The german-french start-up LivingPackets is about to introduce a sustainable, high-tech packaging solution in mid/ late 2020: ‘The Box’ is made of foamed polypropylene, has an internet connection and can be reused up to 1.000 times. 

Although LivingPackets is not the only and first start-up working on alternative and intelligent reusable packaging, CTO Fabian Kliem says that “we created a new space for opportunities in the world of logistics.”. High-tech functionalities differentiates TheBox from it´s competitors.

Here are some of the highlights: 

A 7.8-inch e-ink display with gorilla glass shows almost every worldwide standard shipping label in a readable format for humans as well as machines

Thanks to extensive tracking, recipients can follow where the shipment is

An electromechanical locking mechanism with a TSA interface is designed to prevent theft – especially since every attempt to open will be recorded

Sensors measure the temperature and the weight inside at all times and register pressure, shocks, light and movement

A camera inside of the box allows sender and recipient to check the condition of the parcel at any time

Additional packaging waste such as adhesive tape and filling material will be superfluous thanks to a net stretched to the bottom of the package and a reclosable lock

There are already countless ideas on how our platform can be used to offer millions of people completely new experiences and solutions in delivery.”

The start-up sells its new business model “PaaS” (Packaging-as-a-Service) with a rental fee instead of fixed one time purchases. The benefits for retailers? – Reduced shipping costs, up to 30% less processing time, and a better carbon footprint.

Let´s see what the “e-commerce game-changers, imaginative re-inventors and passionate futurists” of LivingPackets deliver to us in near future.

Image: LivingPackets


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